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Amerimax Window Costs

Amerimax is a Colorado based manufacturer that produces good vinyl windows at the mid to high vinyl window price range - so roughly $350 to $650 per window fully installed. Their windows are available throughout the West Coast and they are one of the stronger options in this region, along with Anlin and Simonton. They offer a large selection of exterior frame colors, which can be a nice feature and option for many homeowners. Consumers should be aware that exterior color frames will add significant cost to each window, as much as 1/3 more.

Masters Grande Vinyl Window

The Masters Grande is the budget vinyl window from Amerimax that gets the following performance numbers - U-factor of .28, SHGC of .30, and a VT of .56. The window offers even sightlines, their standard warranty, and up to 10 frame colors to choose from.

-- Price Range: Level 5 fully installed --

Craftsman Portrait Vinyl Window

The Craftsman Portrait is the mid range vinyl window that is a definite upgrade from their entry level window. It will offer slightly better performance numbers and still comes with the even sightlines that most homewners prefer. There are some nice upgrades to this window that make it a sturdier and nicer looking option.

-- Price Range: Level 7 fully installed --

Aristocrat Casement Vinyl Window

The Aristocrat vinyl window can be ordered as a casement window or as an awning window. This high end model from Amerimax comes in a slimmer frame than the previous two models and includes a nice sash reinforcement, upgraded glass package and even sightlines. Many contractors and homeowners consider it to be a nice looking window. The performance numbers are going to be better than the other two models as well, with a U-factor of .26, SHGC of .25 and VT of .47.

-- Price Range: Leve 8 fully installed --

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