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Andersen Window Costs

Explore Andersen window costs on their 100, 200, 400 and Architectural Series. Consumers can expect to pay $500 to $1200 for fully installed double hung windows. Andersen is a big name in the window market and does a good job producing high quality windows and doors.

-- Price Range: $500 to $140 fully installed --

100 Series Window

The 100 Series is a fibrex composite frame that is one of the nicer looking windows that isn't real wood. The fibrex is a mix of wood and vinyl on the inside, with a vinyl exterior. There are 5 nice exterior color options that include sandtone, white, dark bronze, terratone and cocoa bean. The 100 series is available in either the replacement window option or as a new construction window. The downside to the 100 series is lackluster performance numbers, as well as pretty stiff price tag given the just okay numbers that go along with it. Compare the 100 Series with the Okna Starmark.

-- Price Range: $550 to $650 fully installed --

200 Series Window

The 200 series is a real wood interior, with vinyl on the outside. It's considered a builder grade wood window and sold to developers and builders who want a good name and affordable product. The 200 lacks options though when it comes to colors, hardware, sizing, etc. Consumers can choose from the Tilt-Wash, which tilts in for easy cleaning or the NarrowLine, which has a slightly narrower frame. The NarrowLine has a superior sill design and is therefor the preferred option in this model. The 200 is not as strong as the 400 in terms of craftsmanship and functionality. Compare the 200 Series with the Milgard Essence.

-- Price Range: $600 to $750 fully installed --

400 Series Window

The 400 Series also uses a real wood interior and vinyl on the outisde. There are two options here as well, either the Tilt Wash or the Woodwright. The Woodwright has a superior sill finish over the Tilt Wash. The 400 offers better craftsmanship over the 200 and more choices in terms of features, hardware and sizes. In general, the 400 series from Andersen will offer the best consumer value if you can stomach the initial cost. Compare the 400 Series with Marvin Window prices.

-- Price Range: $750 to $950 fully installed --

Architectural Collection Window

The Achitectural Collection is an expensive wood window that is absolutely beautiful and completely customizable on size, hardware and features. The fiberglass exterior comes in numerous colors and finishes. This window combines great craftsmanship and design for a top of the line window that will certainly impress, but could break the bank if you're not careful.

-- Price Range: $1200 to $1400 fully installed --

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