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Marvin Window Costs

Marvin window costs range from roughly $500 to $1100 per window fully installed. The company offers three main window series or models that we will go over and provide an installed price range for each.

Marvin Integrity Cost

The Integrity is a fiberglass window that comes with two basic frame options; either the full Ultrex frame, which means that both the interior and exterior are constructed of Marvin's Ultrex fiberglass material or the wood clad option, which is the exterior Ultrex with a real wood interior. This real wood interior is a great feature for homeowners who want a wood window, but can't afford to spend $1000 plus per window. The downside to the Integrity is fewer options in terms of sizing, colors, hardware and upgrades. The Integrity comes with a nice warranty; 20 years on the Cardinal glass, 10 years for defects and a lifetime warranty for the frame.

-- Price Range: $500 to $675 fully installed --

Marvin Infinity Cost

The Infinity is also a fiberglass window that also comes with two frame options; either the full Ultrex frame (fiberglass on the interior and exterior) or an exterior Ultrex and an Everwood veneer on the interior. The Everwood resembles a real wood, but does not require the maintenance of an actual wood window. The Infinity is considered a better window than the Integrity in terms of looks and durability; it uses a nicer frame finish and has a slightly thicker frame. The warranty is also better; a 20 year on the glass and lifetime on everything else. It will often be sold by a different distributor or rep than the Integrity and should run approximately $75 per window more than the Integrity given all the same specs.

-- Price Range: $600 to $750 fully installed --

Marvin Ultimate Cost

The Ultimate is a wood clad window with an extruded aluminum that comes in tons of exterior colors. It comes in six different wood species, including cherry, pine, vertical grain douglas fir, mahogany, white oak, and douglas fir, as well as a number of stain and finish options. It comes with beautiful metal hardware and lots of great features and options. While many top manufacturers' wood clad windows get knocked by contractors and industry experts for poor craftsmanship, design and/or consistency, Marvin seems to enjoy a very solid reputation and the Ultimate Series is highly regarded wood window in the industry. Compare to the Andersen 400 Series.

-- Price Range: $800 to $1,100 fully installed --

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