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Window Company Sales Tactics

There are a number of window company sales tactics that you might encounter as you receive multiple bids and quotes. While consumers need to be wary of these "tricks", just because a company or salesman uses one or of the following doesn't mean they sell a bad product. On the flip side, top window companies rarely use these methods to hawk their products - they don't need to because discerning consumers want honesty and transparency.

Tactic #1: All Decision Makers Must Be Present

Aggressive marketers use this one and will typically stress this to consumers when they set up a time for the estimate. The reason that they want all decision makers to be present is that they want to make a sale at the time they give you the estimate. In an ideal world for them, they make the presentation for the replacement windows, give you a price quote and you sign and set up an installation date. This insures them of two things; the consumer doesn't see additional windows and the consumer doesn't see comparison prices. DON"T BUY INTO THIS - LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY.

Tactic #2: Price Quotes Are Only Valid Today

Aggressive marketers use this one to entice consumers to sign on the dotted line there and then. They will often quote a high number - $900 fully installed per window. Then they will say that if you go with them today, they can offer you better pricing, say $600 per window. This may or may not be their best price, but there is no reason why consumers shouldn't ALWAYS get a company's best price. What this tactic does not allow the consumer to do is actually compare prices of other companies and other window brands and models.

Tactic #3: Neighborhood, Model Home, Rebates & Discounts

Here we get into gimmicks. Many of the aggresive marketers come up with names for their "discounts" that sound good to the consumer - names like neighborhood discount, spring rebate program, today only discount pricing, etc. The effect is the same though, to dissuade consumers from shopping around and getting the best windows and installation at the best price.

Tactic #4: Our Installation Cost Is Lower

Some big box stores claim their installation costs are much lower because they do so much volume and they can pass this savings onto the consumers. All of this is completely true, except for one integral part - the quality of the installation. These huge retail stores sub out all of the installation and pay the subs by the window (and often at a very low per window price). This can lead to the subs trying to grind out as many windows in a day as they can, which leads to all sort of shortcuts and problems that the consumer is left to deal with. It is much better to pay a bit more for really good installation and have it done right the first time.

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