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Window Pricing By Style

Discover window pricing by style - select from the most popular styles, including bays and bows, casements, double hungs, horizontal sliders and many more.

Basement Egress Windows

An egress cost estimate ranges from $1,500 to $4,500 fully installed - this price assumes that you have no opening in your basement wall and have to start the project from scratch. If there is an existing window opening, the cost goes down dramatically - perhaps the opening only needs to be increased a bit for code and a replacement needs to be installed.

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Bays & Bows

Bow and bay window costs range from $1,400 to $6,000 installed. This is a huge price range so we will break it down into entry, mid range and high end projects, along with some details as to materials, glass, hardware and options to expect in each price range.

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Casement window costs start around $400 and typically top out just over $1000 for a standard sized window with professional installation. Some of the factors that will affect what you pay for your casements include frame material, size of the window, the glass package, the brand or company that manufactures the window and the type of installation needed.

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Double Hungs

Double hung window costs range from $250 to $1200 per window installed. Important price factors include the glass package option, the frame and brand of the window, how large or small in size and the complexity of the install.

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Hurricane And Impact Windows

Impact or hurricane windows should be well made units that include solid design and craftsmanship in the following areas; glass panes, corner welds, glazing, seals, fills and hardware. The result is a strong unit built for areas of the country that are subject to severe weather systems and patterns.

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Sliding window costs start around $200 and top out at around $800 for a standard size slider with professional installation. Some of the issues that affect pricing include how large the window, the glass package, the type of frame material, whether you need simple or complex installation and the window manufacturer.

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Soundproof Windows

Soundproof windows, whether inserts or full replacements, uses the air space between the double pane glass to effectively dampen much of the outside noise. In addtion to air space, different glass thickness of the two panes helps reduce sound. The three basic methods of soundproofing differ significantly in price; anywhere from $50 to $1500 per opening.

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