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Best Replacement Windows

Discover many of the best replacement windows according to contractors and installers who have worked in the business for decades. These recommendations are broken up by material and include a basic description and a price for a standard sized double hung (no upgrades included) with normal installation.

Best Replacement Windows For Vinyl

HiMark Enviro-Star 800 Series

Himark is an offshoot of Okna and the Enviro-Star 800 is considered one of the very best (if not the best) in the vinyl category. Excellent design, performance numbers and upgrades make this one of the best looking and best performing vinyl options on the market. (Not available in the west.)

Target Price: $650 installed

Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Elements LS Series

Both of these series from Soft-Lite are considered excellent (there will be some little differences but they are pretty similar models). They are well made units with excellent performance numbers that have some very nice features and upgrades over the entry level model. The Imperial LS without upgrades should be about $50 to $75 less than the Elements. (Not available in the west.)

Target Price: $625 installed

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait Series

This is their upgraded vinyl window that offers nice design, solid numbers and many exterior frame colors and options. It is considered one of the better options on the West Coast.

Target Price: $500 installed

Okna Insul-Tec 500 Series

The 500 is an upgrade from their 400 Series and is a solid choice both from aesthetics and performance standpoint. Okna has a great name in the industry, even if most consumers have never heard of them.

Target Price: $550 installed

Sunrise Restorations Series

The Restorations is a top of the line vinyl window that has tons of upgrades. It is one of the best looking vinyl windows on the market that has great performance and ranks high on many contractors best of lists.

Target Price: $675 installed

Gorell 5300 Series

Gorell is a well reputed company that is now owned by Soft-Lite. The 5300 is their flagship vinyl window with a bulky frame, but excellent performance numbers. The 5300 is probably comparable to the Amerimax Craftsman, but just below the Okna 500, Softlite Imperial LS and the Sunrise Restorations.

Target Price: $550 installed

Best Replacement Windows For Fiberglass

Marvin Infinity Series

The Infinity uses an Ultrex fiberglass frame that comes as either an all Ultrex or with an Everwood veneer on the interior and is considered one of the best looking fiberglass options for the price. Performance numbers are good (top end vinyl windows probably beat it) and Marvin enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry.

Target Price: $750 installed

Milgard Ultra Series

The Ultra lacks the great looks of the Infinity Everwood interior, although the Ultra is available with a real wood interior. The performance numbers are about the same as the Infinity and Milgard gets decent company reviews.

Target Price: $600 installed

Best Replacement Windows For Wood

Andersen 400 Series Woodwright Series

The 400 Series is a vinyl clad wood window that is an upgraded version of their 200 Series with an improved sill design. It comes in lots of options and upgrades and is one of the best values from Andersen - which can be a very expensive manufacturer.

Target Price: $800 installed

Marvin Ultimate Series

The Ultimate is Marvin's wood series that gets high marks for the fine craftsmanship, excellent aesthetics and the backing of a well regarded company. Not a cheap option, the Ultimate is a great choice for wood windows that will last.

Target Price: $900 installed

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