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Window Replacement Cost Estimator

Use our window replacement cost estimator located here on the right to find prices on your replacement windows. This six question calculator can provide surprisingly accurate industry standard pricing for hundreds of combination of window frames, styles, product levels and installation methods. Enter your project information, click on the "See Pricing!" button and within seconds find a cost estimate on your next project.

Window Replacement Cost Estimator Basics

Our team has spent countless hours working to get our pricing calculator as accurate as possible. The formula starts by adding frame material to style of window to create our baseline pricing. The is essentially the entry level price for the window of your choice - by breaking up frame and style, you can choose from some 40 window combinations. By selecting entry, mid or high end product, our pricing calculator uses a multiplier to account for different levels or grades of product. Installation pricing is determined by the four main methods and the most common prices associated with each. And finally, the number of windows selected is a multiplier that is applied to both the window prices as well as the installation selection. The result is the most accurate calculator online.

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Window Replacement Cost Estimator Options

Enter your desired frame type - your choices include aluminum, composite, fiberglass, vinyl and wood. Next enter your style or type of window - your choices include awnings, bays or bows, casements, double hungs, sliders, single hungs and tilt turns. Then enter your window series or overall product cost - your choices include entry level, mid range and high end premium. Enter your type of installation - your choices include inserts, standard, historic home and full frame installation. Finally, select the number of windows and enter your zip code. Within seconds, our window replacement cost estimator will provide you will an accurate industry standard price based on your selections.

Bow & Bays

Bow and bay window costs range from $1,400 to $6,000 installed. This is a huge price range so we will break it down into entry, mid range and high end projects, along with some details as to materials, glass, hardware and options to expect in each price range.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $1,400 to $6,000 --


Casement costs start around $400 and typically top out just over $1000 for a standard sized window with professional installation. Some of the factors that will affect what you pay for your casements include frame material, size of the window, the glass package, the brand or manufacturer and the type of installation needed.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $400 to $1,000 --

Double Hungs

Double hung costs range from $250 to $1200 per window installed. Important price factors include the glass package option, the frame and brand of the window, how large or small in size and the complexity of the install.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $250 to $1,200 --


Sliding window costs start around $200 and top out at around $800 for a standard size slider with professional installation. Some of the issues that affect pricing include how large the window, the glass package, the type of frame material, whether you need simple or complex installation and the window manufacturer.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $200 to $800 --

Pricing By Window Frame

Explore window pricing by frame type - select from the four most popular frame materials, including aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and wood clad windows.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum windows range from $400 to $1100 for a double hung and standard installation. They are similar to fiberglass frames in terms of price, although they are more popular and used more often. Cost will depend on the window size, the manufacturer, the model or series and the options on the glass package and hardware.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $400 to $1,100 --

Fiberglass Frame

Fiberglass window cost range from $400 to $1,100 including installation for a standard sized double hung window. Lots of factors affect price, including window manufacturer, type of window, glass package annd upgrade, the window sizes and how difficult or simple the installation.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $400 to $1,100 --

Vinyl Frame

Vinyl window costs range from $200 to $750 for a standard double hung replacement with normal installation. The reason for this price difference is due to the large number of options in terms of window size, quality of manufacturer, glass package, upgrades and the method of installation required.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $200 to $750 --

Wood Frame

Wood clad costs range from $300 to $1200 for a double hung with standard installation. The reason for this huge price difference is due to the huge number of options in terms of size, quality of manufacturer, glass package, upgrades and the method of installation required.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $300 to $1,200 --

Impact Windows

Explore pricing with our impact window cost calculator. Hurricane windows will generall run $500 to $1500 + per window fully installed. There are many frame and upgrade options that can quickly bump up the per window cost.

-- Estimated Installed Cost: $500 to $1,500 --

Window Replacement Cost Estimator Questions

Pricing On Your Website

I have been in the construction business for 3 decades in the Midwest and have managed a variety of projects including commercial, historical and monumental applications. That includes hundreds of residential window replacements from government housing to multi-million-dollar single-family Estates; and everything in between. Your prices may be accurate in FL or TX; but they are laughably low for colder states like Wi.,Mi., or MN.

The Anderson Renewal are more like $2500 ea. on average. Okna 7500 are even more; and $500 just gets you a junk window like Window World--with NO wrap, jambs, casing, screen, LowE or Argon--just the cheap recycled plastic single-hung "flipper" windows stapled in place & caulked with cheap caulk; installed by $15/hr illegals or some uninsured "handyman". Please quit misleading folks on what it costs to do a quality job done by professionals. (I recently replaced my own clad-wood triple pane widows with SOLID Composite (Starmark 7500-series) and couldn't be happier.) WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! But NOBODY was willing to do it at prices anywhere close to what you are suggesting! ;)

- Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

All of our questions/posts are from consumers who tell us how much rep bids out their projects...we don't make anything up because we don't have a dog in any of these fights. Consumers tell us their bids and we help them lower them as much as possible. Prices can vary by state to state, but the overwhelming number of prices listed on the site are from homeowners themselves. Not from us.

Renewal always start out at $2500 per window. They ALWAYS end up at $1200 to $1400 per window....unless consumers go for the high price initial bid. I know this because I have helped hundreds of people with their Renewal Bids.

Congrats on the Okna Starmark, great composite window!

Daniel - Site Editor - from 2020

Window Cost Estimates

I have received two window replacement cost estimates from local companies. They are for 5 double hung windows and 1 sliding patio door. Both bids are virtually identical and they are right around $6000 for the windows/door, removal, installation, haul away and taxes. One is from a local Jeld Wen dealer and the other is from Anlin. I was curious which one you thought was the better deal? Thanks in advance for your help!

Margo - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Margo, Anlin is the better manufacturer of the two by quite a bit. They are one of the better quality operations on the West Coast in general. Jeld Wen makes a very good door, but their vinyl windows leave something to be desired in my opinion. In terms of price, that's a good replacement window estimate for the 5 windows and 1 door. $500 a window for Anlin is actually darn competitive from what I've seen. Have you used our window replacement cost estimator to the right to check out how the costs compare?

Daniel - Site Editor - from 2018

Window Costs By Region

Is there a big price difference depending on the region in which you live. I'm in Oregon and am trying to figure out if the price of windows will change from Portland, to Eugene, to Asheville. Thanks.

Steph - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Steph, different regions in the U.S. will have different window prices, but urban centers like Eugene and Portland will probably have similar prices. The place you will see price changes is urban and rural areas. Monstly this is because companies in urban areas have to pay more for operating costs, advertising, rent, etc. Business then pass these higher costs on to the consumer.

Perhaps the biggest difference in price is that companies can charge whatever they want. There is nobody telling a window company they have to charge a set amount. That's the reason I always suggest getting at least three bids and telling anyone who comes out that you are collecting bids before you make your decision. This lets them know that they better bring their best price for the get go.

Regardless of if you live in Portland or Eugene, I would expect a normal-sized Milgard Tuscany to run $400 to $450 completely installed.

Daniel - Site Editor - from 2017

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