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Window Manufacturers

Explore costs and pricing from many of the best window manufacturers. Get product analysis, market pricing on installed windows and more.


Amerimax is a Colorado based manufacturer that produces good windows at the mid to high vinyl window price range - so roughly $350 to $650 per window fully installed. Their windows are available throughout the West Coast and they are one of the stronger options in this region, along with Anlin and Simonton.

Amerimax Window Costs


Andersen is a big name in the window market and does a good job producing high quality windows and doors. Explore Andersen costs on the 100, 200, 400 and Architectural Series. Consumers can expect to pay $500 to $1400 for fully installed double hungs.

Andersen Pricing


Explore Anlin costs on all of their most popular models, including the Monte Verde, Catalina, Del Mar and Coronado and get suggested installed prices. The company is one of the better vinyl window producers in California and generally enjoys good reviews from contractors and installers.

Anlin Window Costs


Marvin costs range from roughly $500 to $1100 per window fully installed. The company offers three main series or models that we will go over and provide an installed price range for each.

Marvin Window Costs


Milgard costs range from $375 for the entry level Styleline vinyl window fully installed to $1500 plus for the top-of-the-line Quiet Line soundproof series. They offer a nice lifetime warranty on their Find product analysis and basic pricing information for their Styleline, Tuscany, Ultra, Essence and Quiet Line windows.

Milgard Window Costs


Explore Okna costs on all of their most popular models such as their 400, 500 and 800 series and get suggested installed prices. The company is one of the leaders in terms of their vinyl windows. All of their series is available in either the Delux or Energy Package - the Delux is an optional upgrade that will produce better performance numbers.

Okna Window Costs

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