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Egress Windows Cost Estimate

An egress windows cost estimate ranges from $1,500 to $4,500 fully installed - this price assumes that you have no opening in your basement wall and have to start the project from scratch. If there is an existing window opening, the cost goes down dramatically - perhaps the opening only needs to be increased a bit for code and a replacement window needs to be installed. The majority of the cost here is the price of the installation.

-- Estimated Cost Range: $1,500 to $4,500 fully installed --

Ready The Exterior Area

The outside area often, but not always, has to be readied by excavating and clearing earth from near where the egress will go. By code (which varies by county or city), the clear area must by 3' by 3' to all the window to swing open without any encumbrances. This usually means having the installer or company rent a small back hoe or other machinery to clear the space.

-- Estimated Cost Range: $200 to $800 --

Install A Window Well

If the basement is low in comparison to the ground level, a window well will have to be placed into the excavated area to secure the area from weather, earthquakes, natural movement of the ground - anything that would fill in that space over time. Window wells can be metal or hard plastic premade units or the contractor can frame out the space and pour concrete, which can run from very simple to relatively elaborate steps etc. This is the main reason that the cost range of this portion is so large.

-- Estimated Cost Range: $400 to $1000 --

Create The Rough Opening

Creating the rough opening means cutting a hole in the basement that will serve as the window frame. This is a relatively simple job, but one that certainly demands an understanding of the structural foundation of the home. The contractor or installer must make sure that they do not hit any water or electrical lines that may be in the wall.

-- Estimated Cost Range: $400 to $800 --

Installing The Window

Framing out the window is essentially like new construction installation. The opening must be framed out and the window will be set in the new frame and shimmed for a plumb fit. Installers may opt for a sill pan and moisture barrier wrap around the opening to prevent any future water damage. The spaces around the window is then filled with foam or traditional insulation and the window is caulked and sealed inside and out.

-- Estimated Cost Range: $200 to $700 --

Cost Of The Window

The most common window types used for an egress basement windows include casements, sliders and double hungs. These will vary in price depending on the frame material (vinyl, fiberglass, composite or wood), the size of the window, glass package and any upgrades you may opt for.

-- Estimated Cost Range: $300 to $1200 --

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