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Sliding Window Costs

Sliding window costs start around $200 and top out at around $800 for a standard size slider with professional installation. Some of the issues that affect pricing include how large the window, the glass package, the type of frame material, whether you need simple or complex installation and the window manufacturer.

Sliding Window Costs (Excluding Installation)

Low End Window

Low end sliders use vinyl frames with a simple low-e or clear glass package. Frame color will typically be a white or slightly off white. Entry level options will be a stripped down version of mid and high end windows. You can expect a simple plastic locking mechanism and the gliding rollers may not be as smooth as most better made series.

-- Price Range: $150 to $300 (excluding installation)

Mid Range Windows

Mid range sliders will often use a high quality vinyl extrusion or a mid grade aluminum or fiberglass frame. The glass package will be a mid range low-e option with simple fills and a spacer. These price point windows will include some bells and whistles such as a better locking mechanism, nicer hardware, more frame and grid option and perhaps a smoother glide.

-- Price Range: $300 to $450 (excluding installation)

High End Windows

High end sliders will be wood windows with an aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl exterior cladding and quality wood interior. The glass pakcage will be a high grade of low-e glass with premium fills and spacers. Expect bells and whistles here with high quality metal hardware and many frame colors, finishes and grid options.

-- Price Range: $450 to $600 (excluding installation)

Installation Costs

Installation window costs will range from $50 for pocket inserts to $250 for a full frame opening install. A professional installer should be able to quickly tell you what level of replacement installation you will need for your project.

Cost Range: $50 to $250

Total Sliding Window Costs

Entry Level Projects

Entry level projects run from $200 to $350 installed. Brands like Alliance, American Craftsman and Crestline would be in this range and homeowners can expect a window at this price point to last 10 to 15 years (this is one reason why the mid grade option is always recommended).

-- Price Range: $200 to $350

Mid Range Projects

Mid range projects run from $350 to $600 installed. Brands such as Anlin, Great Lakes and Okna would be in this range and homeowners can expect a window at this price point to last 20 to 30 years with good quality installation.

-- Price Range: $350 to $600

High End Projects

High end projects run from $600 to $800 installed. Brands like Eagle, Marvin and Kolbe would be in this range and homeowners can expect a window at this price point to last a lifetime with proper installation and care.

-- Price Range: $600 to $800

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