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Soundproofing Window Cost Estimate

Our soundproofing window cost estimate provides pricing for the three main options, which include inserts, plugs and full replacement windows. Soundproof windows, whether inserts or full replacements, uses the air space between the double pane glass to effectively dampen much of the outside noise. In addtion to air space, different glass thickness of the two panes helps reduce sound.

Soundproof Plugs

Soundproof plugs are by far the most inexpensive and easiest option in terms of installation, but have some significant downsides as well. Plugs are dense foam pieces that can be cut to fit the window opening. They are inserted into the openings at night to prevent sound from entering and have the dual function of blocking light from entering the window. Plugs can be put in by the homeowner so the installation cost is $0. However they are a temporary solution that is not very pleasant to look at and must be taken out each morning in order for the room to have any natural light.

Soundproof Inserts

These are often the most common approach to soundproofing your home windows because they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and easy to install. Inserts come in a number of sizes, materials and frame colors. However, unlike replacement windows that can be custom ordered to perfectly match the existing opening, inserts are much more limited in their size and shape so finding soundproofing inserts that fit unusually sized openings can be a challenge.

Replacement Windows

Soundproof replacement windows are typically more expensive than a standard replacement. The reason is that the units are built with special glass that use varying technologies to dampen noise between the panes. These techniques can be expensive and are used in conjunction with other upgrades to the window to help effectively stop noise from passing through the window.

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