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Impact Windows Cost Calculator

Our impact windows cost calculator can provide you with excellent price estimates for your hurricane or impact window replacement needs. In general, hurricane windows will run $500 to $1500 + per window fully installed. There are many frame and upgrade options that can quickly bump up the per window cost.

-- Price Range: $500 to $1,500 installed --

Do you have a question about impact windows costs, brands, features, warranties, or options? Ask our site editors your questions and get the answers you need to make the best choice for your impact window project.

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Impact Window Basics

Impact or hurricane windows should be well made units that include solid design and craftsmanship in the following areas; glass panes, corner welds, glazing, seals, fills and hardware. In this respect, they share some characteristics with soundproof windows. The result is a strong window built for areas of the country that are subject to severe weather systems and patterns. These units have a design pressure rating of 45 or higher and can withstand the high winds and harsh conditions that characterize these coastal regions.

Entry Level Pricing

Entry level pricing ranges from around $500 to $750 fully installed. This will often be a model that is technically not considered an impact window, meaning it has not undergone the certification process that is required for the actual hurricane window designation. Often, it will be a well made window with upgrades to the glass package, a frame reinforcement and some hardware modifications.

-- Price Range: $500 to $750 fully installed --

Recommended Models
Simonton 9800 Prices
PGT 400

Standard Pricing

Standard pricing ranges from around $750 to $1,000 fully installed. These ought to be very nice units at this price point and will encompass the very best vinyl window models available. You will also see some wood clad units in this price range, but they will not be the really high end units that run in the premium price category below

-- Price Range: $750 to $1,000 fully installed --

Models To Consider
Stanek Ultra Extreme
Simonton Stormbreaker
Simonton Coastal

Premium Pricing

Premium pricing ranges from $1000 to $1,500 + fully installed. These will be the premium impact window models from high end manufacturers and will usually be a wood interior with an aluminum or fiberglass exterior, laminated glass and lots of upgrades to features and hardware.

-- Price Range: $1000 to $1,500 + fully installed --

Models To Consider
Sunrise Coastal Performance
Loewen Storm Force Collection
PGT PremierVue

Impact Window Forum

Simonton Impact Window Costs

We recently got a bid on impact windows from some local dealer and I was wondering about your thoughts. The bid was on a Simonton Coastal window and the installed cost was $1050 per window. Any opinion?

Steven - Homeowner - from July, 2018

Site Editor's Reply

Steven, the $1050 per window seems like it's in the basic vicinity for hurricane impact windows. I think Simonton makes a nice hurricane window, very made, well constructed. I would certainly get additional bids if I were you to see how the Simonton bid compares to what else is out there. I would think Sunrise, PGT, CWS, and perhaps if Stanek is in your area are good brands to look at. Get some bids and compare them -- you will be surprised how a little competition helps to lower the prices from some dealers.

Bill - Site Editor - from March, 2018

PGT And CWS Bids

I am replacing five windows and need to upgrade to impact windows here on the coast of Florida. There will be three casement windows and two single hung. I have received bids from both PGT and CWS. The PGT came out to $635 per window and the CWS came out to $615 per window.

Pam - Homeowner - from March, 2018

Site Editor's Reply

Pam, each of the company's you mentioned has a number of different impact windows so it's tough to compare them without knowing the specifics. Generally speaking, both PGT and Custom Window Systems makes a solid impact window that will hold up to the extreme weather you get on the coast.

I would say that pound for pound, PGT is a bit more highly regarded than CWS, but not by much. If we are going to assume that the windows are generally the same (you're only talking a difference of $100), I would switch my attention to the companies doing the actual install. This is going to make a bigger difference than the slight variation in the impact windows themselves.

Bill - Site Editor - from March, 2018

Plywood Or Impact Windows?

Having been through a number of hurricanes, including Irma last week, I'm curious what your position is as far as whether it makes sense at all to get hurricane windows.

Betsy - Homeowner - from September, 2017

Site Editor's Reply

Betsy, you bring up an excellent point. Impact windows are only going to do so much to protect your home in a huge hurricane like Irma. Now if you are just comparing them to normal windows, then they are MUCH more protective. The laminated glass is what provides so much protection because it spider cracks like a car windshield, instead of breaking like normal glass.

In a huge storm like Irma though, you would be crazy not to put up plywood on all the windows. Every homeowner who lives in hurricane-prone areas should have plywood cut and fitted to their windows and stored in a cool dry place. Even if you only have to use it once a decade, it's still worth the small sum that it costs compared to hurricane windows.

I'm of two minds about this point and think that if you have the plywood option, why do you really need hurricane windows? But of course, you need it for smaller storms that don't necessarily require the plywood option.

Bill - Site Editor - from September, 2017

Impact Windows Cost Calculator

I have an impact windows cost calculator question for you. Does your calculator take into account the cost of installation? And does this installation typically cost more for impact windows than a normal replacement window?

Evan - Homeowner - from June, 2017

Site Editor's Reply

Evan, thanks for the question we really appreciate it. In terms of the impact windows cost calculator on our site, it does take into consideration the cost of installation. We estimate that the installation costs for standard replacement is $100 per window and a full frame replacement is $200 per window. These prices can differ pretty significantly based on the project specifics, for instance a full frame or new construction replacement can be as expensive as $400 to $500 per window. I would say that the most typical installation cost for windows is between 100 and $150 per window for full replacements.

However, impact windows will not be more expensive than standard replacement installation. The real difference between an impact window and a replacement window is simply the strength of the frame and the strength of the insulated glass unit.

However, an impact window will be more expensive than a standard replacement window due to the stronger frame, typically deeper frame and better glass unit on the window. In general, impact windows are better made windows than standard windows.

Bill - Site Editor - from July, 2017

Hurricane Impact Windows Cost

I have a few bids for impact windows but I can't tell if they are even worth the cost, which is high. Of course, the sales people all say they are, but they also all get paid on commission so it's hard to buy into what they're saying. What's you opinion?

Lula - Homeowner - from July, 2016

Site Editor's Reply

Lula, there is certainly debate as to whether hurricane windows are necessary and offer up that much more protection than a well made dual pane window. The answer I give you is not definitive, but I would say this, hurricane windows are impact resistant not impact proof. They are better made and usually include a tempered glass which can take several direct hits from objects without completely shattering.

There's an argument to be made that shutters would accomplish the same thing, although these can be expensive too. I think the bottom line is that it really depends on where you live and what sort of storms and weather you are subject to as to whether buying impact windows is worth it. I wish I could give you a hard fast answer, but I just don't think one exists.

Bill - Site Editor - from July, 2016

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