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Milgard Window Costs

Milgard window costs range from $375 for the entry level Styleline vinyl window fully installed to $1500 plus for the top-of-the-line Quiet Line soundproof window. They offer a nice lifetime warranty on their Find product analysis and basic pricing information for their Styleline, Tuscany, Ultra, Essence and Quiet Line windows.

Styleline Vinyl Window

The Styleline vinyl window has a modern look and thinner frame than the Tuscany. It also has uneven sightlines and doesn't have vent locks or weephole covers. It will have slightly worse performance numbers than the Tuscany model, but also a lower price tag. This window is on par with the entry level window from Anlin.

-- Price Range: $350 to $400 fully installed --

Milgard Styleline Costs

Hi Tim, I stumbled across your website and have found the information to be so valuable. I'm hoping you can help me –

We live in southern Utah and we are replacing 12 windows and 1 sliding glass door. Of the 12 windows, 6 are mid to large size picture windows at the front of our house. The other 6 are small to mid size horizontal slider windows. Our house is also on the corner of a busy intersection and majority of the windows are facing the street. We get LOTS of traffic noise and my primary goal of window replacement is sound reduction.
We currently have the original aluminum windows from 1976 throughout. The 6 windows at the front of the house are single pane and letting lots of noise in. We've gotten a few bids and I'm feeling confused about what would be best –
Alside Fairfield 80 - $10,000
Amsco Studio Vinyl - $6,000
Milgard Styleline - $7,000

The Amsco and Milgard are being quoted by the same company. The Alside is from a separate company and that is the only brand they carry. I am waiting on a quote for Milgard Tuscany based upon some of the responses you have given other people.

Might be important to state that we are thinking of selling in the next 12-18 months. However, for resale value on the busy street and for my sanity while living there, we are ready to put some money into the house. That said, I've thought that maybe it's not necessary to put the highest quality windows but just some that are new and will make improvements.
Thanks for your time!

Taylor - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Taylor, with your timeline and "philosophy," I'd probably say the Milgard Styleline over the Amsco. The Tuscany is the stronger window over the Styleline, but is probably going to be more. If it's 10% more, I would consider it, although your move date makes it a toss up. Milgard is the safer brand over Amsco, which itself does make a decent enough window. The Tuscany is one of my goto mid range windows that provides some solid value for the price.

For me, I would just make sure that the installer has a really good reputation and online reviews.

Dan - Site Editor - from 2020

Tuscany Vinyl Window

The Tuscany vinyl window from Milgard is their most popular window and cost 10% to 20% more than the Styleline. It has even sightlines, a thicker frame and will perform better energy wise than the Styleline - expect a .29 U factor and a .21 SHGC, which are decent enough numbers. It includes several nice upgrades such as a better lock mechanism, vent stops, intercept spacer, and a nicer screen. The Tuscany upgraded to their 3D Max glass is on par with the Simonton 7300 Impressions. More on Simonton window costs.

-- Price Range: $375 to $450 fully installed --

Ultra Series Fiberglass Window

The Ultra fiberglass window is probably a step below Marvin Integrity and Infinity. The Ultra isn't as nice looking as the Infinity, although it does offer a wood interior. Priced comparable to the Integrity, this is a nice alternative if the Marvins are not in your area or you want the wood interior and prefer the look of the Ultra to the Integrity. More on the Marvin Integrity windows cost.

-- Price Range: $600 to $800 fully installed --

Essence Wood Window

The Essence wood window line is a nice looking wood window that uses an aluminum exterior cladding. The window can be ordered in pine, douglas fir or as a primed wood. They offer 15 exterior colors that come in some pretty bold color choices such as cinnamon, fern and evening sky. The colors can really add some pizzazz to the outside of the home, while the inside has the nice look of wood. On par with the Andersen 400 window.

-- Price Range: $800 to $1,000 fully installed --

Quiet Line Soundproof Window

The Quiet Line soundproof window is a beast of a window that boasts a 46 STC rating, which is about as high a STC number that you will find on a residential window. It is very well made and is considered by many contractors to be the creme de la creme of soundproof windows - it ought to be considering the window alone will run you $1500. Explore more using our soundproofing window cost estimate page.

-- Price Range: $1,600 to $1,750 fully installed --

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